Have you ever wondered about the secrets behind creating a viral video? How do some videos go viral within a short period, while others seem to fade into oblivion almost instantly? We all must have shared and eagerly shown those videos to friends on social media, but what exactly makes them spread like wildfire and become an instant hit? You might have even thought, “Could I create a video that becomes this popular?” However, the reality is that unless you’re exceptionally lucky, your video won’t experience an explosive spread.

With word-of-mouth marketing (WOM) dominating the digital realm, why should we not try our hand at creating viral videos?

Viral Video


Identify Your Audience and Purpose

Knowing the “why” behind anything we do helps us to reach the right target audience without difficulty. Approaching a project with a “let’s do it and see what happens” attitude is unlikely to yield solid results. The best viral advertising examples illustrate how a clear target audience and theme make all the difference.

Specify your target audience and address them correctly. This concludes the first step.

Be Unique, Choose Your Style

When creating viral content, dare to be different. Stand out from the crowd to leave a lasting impression. In short, let your style define you. If you lack a distinctive style or your content is heavily influenced by others, negative feedback will soon catch up.

By following popular trends and giving them your unique twist, you may create even bigger trends. However, this is a delicate balance. Successfully navigating this path lies in finding and establishing your own style.

Authenticity Always Wins

We have all cherished sincere, truthful Turkish movies. So why should videos be any different? There is no rule that says videos can’t be genuine and heartfelt. In fact, sincerity creates the strongest connection, making people feel like they can relate to you. Use this sentiment without exaggeration.

A well-crafted script and a skillfully structured narrative form the foundation of viral video production. Identify your main theme, professionally construct the story, and adorn it with an authentic script.

Timing is Crucial for a Viral Video

Choose the right timing for your viral content. If your content revolves around current events or trends, ride the wave. Never wait for an ongoing trend to die out before you act. Reigniting a trend that has already faded is exceptionally challenging. Therefore, select your sharing time in sync with the flow of the topic.

By doing all of these right, you may just get the cherry on top of the cake.


June 2024


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